Need A Water Line Or Septic System Installation Service?

We'll work on your new construction project or your existing property in Great Falls, MT

When you need a professional to handle your septic system excavation, look no further than Diamond Excavation LLC. We’re licensed to work on a variety of septic systems and water line trenching inside and outside of Great Falls, MT. Our crew excavates for:

  • Standard septic systems
  • Standard drain systems
  • Pressure dose systems
  • Evaporation beds

Not sure what kind of septic system you need for your new construction project? Speak with our excavation contractor today for advice on your septic tank excavation project.

Make sure your property has ready access to water

Make sure your property has ready access to water

When we do water line excavation, our team has the equipment and expertise to handle the excavation for all your water line needs. We pair with your local plumber to tap into your well or city water system. Call on us when you need excavating done for:

  • Cisterns – underground water tanks for areas with bad well water and no city connections
  • Water lines – water lines can be used for agricultural purposes, livestock, as well as a new water line for your home
  • Water hydrants – to keep the water supply below the frost line so you have a reliable water source year-round

Our water line excavation services can dig from your well to the house for reliable water whenever you need it. Schedule excavation services today.